Here are two very different organic food growing systems which I love. One is an intensive urban, aquaponic, multi-level system, and the other involves doing nothing other than spreading wood chips and trusting nature. Yet both work and both are inspirational.
The first is Growing Power, an urban farm in Wisconsin growing 1 million pounds (over 450,000 kg) of produce on 3 acres using an aquaponic system of circulating water from fish tanks in the greenhouse to feed the plants. The plants draw out the nutrient from the water and returns it clean to the tanks, giving him a yield 10,000 fish per year on top of the vegetables. He also worm composts on a massive scale and uses warmth from the compost to heat the greenhouses and grows vertically, using every bit of available space.
Here is the short introduction to his operation.

The second system I learned about from watching the documentary ‘Back to Eden.’ Its about Paul Gautschi, in rural Washington who grows incredible produce by doing nothing other than spreading wood chips over his garden and occasionally letting the chickens scratch through it. Contrary to what many would assume, wood chips don’t give him acidic soil and rarely needs to irrigate or feed. He hardly intervenes at all and this for him is a demonstration of religious faith; nature can support and provide for us when we get out of the way.The whole documentary can be watched for free on Documentary Storm.
Here is the trailer: