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Bio-Char Solutions

By Katerina Seligman
I am writing to you to get your attention for a moment to tell you about a process that offers solutions to some of the major social and environmental issues of the day: third world poverty,  nitrogen losses from soils (which pollute rivers and lakes), depletion of soil productivity, and above all climate change.
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Travel Green – even internationally.

This is a truly pioneering initiative to begin getting the infrastructure in place for the post air travel world. Meet Voyage Vert, the sailors who are getting the fleet of yachts ready to transport people and goods across the oceans, without carbon emissions.
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An overlooked answer to climate change right beneath your feet

In a world of excess carbon, a solution to the climate crisis will not only require lower greenhouse gas emissions, but also a strategy for sequestering the emissions already released into the atmosphere. One major sink for carbon is healthy soil rich with organic matter.
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