Kia Ora. This is the site for the purchase of grub, trenching and grape hoes in New Zealand and for organic vegetable boxes in the Motueka area.
What’s a Grub Hoe and why might you want one?
Do you own a spade? Then you’d use a grub hoe!
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Grape, Grub, Trenching Hoes

With a grub hoe you can get more done with less back ache.
With just one tool you can: clear garden edges, mound up potatoes, grub out weeds, dig trenches, make raised beds, turn sods, shovel manure and compost, mound leeks, clear ditches, dig holes, chop up old plants…………….


Weedy overgrown bed cleaned up with a grub hoe by a 5ft woman (me!) in 1 hour 10 minutes

 “Received the grub hoe yesterday, thanks for the great service. Had a quick trial run with it, it was so good, can’t believe more people don’t use them, so much quicker and cleaner.” Mike, The Garden Gate market garden, Gore
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